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KN95 Protective Masks [20-Count]

KN95 Protective Masks [20-Count]

Product Description

Fully KN95-compliant face masks use the gradient filtration effect of melt-blown static cotton in a nano-fiber composite structure. The filtration efficiency of 0.3pm standard particulate matter is more than 99.9% based on the full-automatic filter material test system TSI8130A, using wind speed and flow rate of 15L/min and 0.3 micron NaCl artificial dust.

  • 20 masks
  • Four layer, nanofiber filtration offers greater than 95% protection against particles 0.3 micron or larger
  • Ultra-thin non-woven filter materials offer a filtration accuracy of 100nm and can intercept pathogen transmission media such as PM2.5, viruses, and oily particulate matter.
  • KN95 (GB2626-2006) Certified
  • See attached 3M Technical Bulletin to compare US N95 to Chinese KN95 performance

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