Limitless Mech Mod V2 Kit

Limitless Mech Mod V2 Kit

Product Description

 The Limitless Mech Mod V2 is a 20700 with a 18650 battery sleeve adapter hybrid sleeve mod kit with a two post bottom airflow Limitless RDA. The Limitless Mech Mod V2 is a hybrid mech mod with a self-adjusting, spring-loaded Delrin safety part. The Limitless Mech Mod V2 button is now a tri-rail design with 6 points of contact for maximum conductivity. This tri-rail system reduces the possibility of grounding. The button housing three cutouts for easier access for your finger to fire the button. The button has a removable nut with to adjust your throw. We have designed a custom tool to make the throw adjustment easier. This custom tool also has a flat head, phillips, and wrench tool built in to accommodate all building needs. The Limitless Mech Mod V2 has two safety features including six holes at the top of the mod and one hole through the button in case of venting. The hole through the button also reduces arcing of the battery. The Limitless Mech Mod V2 Kit comes with the LMC Chief RDA. The LMC Chief RDA is a two post, bottom airflow dripper, with perfectly placed airflow slots for maximum flavor and vapor production The LMC Chief RDA has a gold plated center pin, and silver plated large screws to reduce stripping and allow for maximum conductivity. 

Limitless Mech Mod V2 Kit


  • Limitless Mech Mod V2
  • Durable Matte Coating
  • 20700 and 18650 Battery Compatible
  • Hybrid 510 Connection
  • Self-adjusting battery contact
  • Spring-loaded Delrin safety switch/button
  • tri-rail design button with 6 points of contact
  • Interchangeable sleeve design

Limitless Chief 26.5MM RDA

  • 2 Post- Square Post Design
  • Gold Plated Center Pin
  • Silver Plated Anti-Strip Screws
  • Hybrid Safe RDA
  • 810 Drip Tip


  • 1x Limitless Mechanical Mod V2 20700
  • 1x Limitless Mechanical v2 Matte Black Sleeve
  • 1x Limitless Chief 26.5MM RDA
  • 1x 18650 Sleeve Adapter
  • 1x LMC Adjustment Key


Disclaimer - Mechanical Mods are for advanced users. Responsible use requires knowledge of batteries, springs, magnets, firing pin adjustments, switches, and compatible atomizers. Mechanical Mods can be dangerous if used irresponsibly or modified. Lithium-ion batteries can be hazardous if misused and may cause malfunction or severe injury if: exposed to extreme temperatures, overcharged, stored outside of a battery case, liquids, utilized with incompatible components, punctured, crushed or modified to exceed energy capacities.