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Uwell Rafale X RDA

Uwell Rafale X RDA

Product Description

Introducing the Rafale X RDA by Uwell, an innovative RDA that features a patented neutral post system that allows for ultra complex builds such as vertical, horizontal, parallel, quad, micro, or nano coil constructions. The unique airflow allows for strong flavor or cloud production, depending on preference. As a final touch, Uwell Rafale X has introduced an anti-spit-back drip for a more enjoyable vaping experience. 

Uwell Rafale X RDA


  • Patented neutral post system
  • Dual post, single terminal 'dummy' posts
  • Allows for ultra complex builds
  • Active two post design
  • Works in conjunction with neutral posts
  • Wide surface area build deck
  • Designed airflow intakes (flavor mode, cloud mode)
  • ASB drip tip system
  • Anti spit back system
  • Brass 510 contact
  • 24mm diameter

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