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VAPRO Supply Delivery Statistics

As you may know, VAPRO Supply has the best reputation in the business for shipping time.  We have compiled statistics for Q1 2015, outlining the general expectation of when you should receive your package if you choose USPS Priority Mail.

Taking a look at the chart below, you can see that upon acceptance of your package at the Post Office, the average delivery time to ALL STATES (except Wyoming) is under three days.  In fact, most states have delivery times under 2.5 days, which means that the package is more likely to get to your shop in 2 rather than 3 days.  In Texas, it is 1.7 days, with many packages arriving within 1 business day (or sometimes within 18 hours if ordered just before cutoff).

So, what does this mean for a VAPRO Supply customer?  It means that since we ALWAYS ship same day (up to 6PM Eastern on Weekdays, 5PM Eastern on Saturday), a package shipped from VAPRO Supply on Monday will VERY LIKELY hit your shop on Wednesday, but almost certainly on Thursday (barring weather or holiday delays).  Many times a package shipped on Saturday will arrive on Monday.

Also, you can imagine with as many skus as VAPRO Supply carries, it can be a bit complicated to get your package out timely.  All we can say about this is: CHALLENGE US!  Order one of everything on our site at 5:59PM Eastern.  If that package is paid for, guess what?  It will ship...GUARANTEED.  After all of that, ask yourself why our shipping is cheaper than anyone in the business -- or free if over $850.

When seeking US-based vapor distribution, we recommend you do not accept excuses. If your package has an issue, and has taken more than 5 business days, you should call the shipper, not USPS to look into your package.  The shipper, NOT YOU, should be putting a tracer in with the Post Office.  The only thing you should expect is a timely delivery, with the package neat and cared for all the way to your shop.

If you are a Retail Vape Shop looking for the most professional distributor, sign up for an account.  If proper documents are submitted, you can expect a call within a few business hours.  You can also always give us a call at 855-414-8273.

These are actual State by State statistics compiled from actual USPS Priority shipments originating from Austin, TX.  Your local Post Office may yield a different experience.


Average delivery times via USPS by State

Average delivery times via USPS, all shipments

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